You know how raw fish is widely consumed across Japan, don’t you? The more fresh the fish, the more people like it. But there are moments when it doesn’t really apply.

A shocking item was sold at a supermarket.

Lampreys may not seem familiar to many people, but they have been used as revitalizing food and medicine for night blindness. The fish in the post must have been so fresh (or too fresh) that part of it was still alive even after getting cut into pieces. What an amazing vitality.

We don’t really see lampreys at stores in the Kanto area. The Twitter user found it at a supermarket in Akita. You might need to pluck up your courage to buy it. At least, it’s no doubt that the fish is fresh. Having this fish in your menu can be a good idea to increase your stamina, given that it has great life endurance, even after getting sliced.

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