Yukimi daifuku (snow-looking daifuku) is a popular brand of mochi (rice cake) ice cream manufactured by Lotte. There’s a scoop of milk vanilla ice cream wrapped in a thin layer of mochi inside the container. The size of the ice cream mochi itself is not that big but no one never thought that a hamster can perfectly fit in the container.

Until hey saw this.

There was a recent post on Twitter showing how a hamster fits nicely into the container. It was too adorable to ignore. People then started making a joke as if the hamster were an actual scoop of the ice cream.

The fur color matches the ice cream’s flavor! He looks so cute, making you want to eat it up.

Aside from posts showing brownish hamsters that people dubbed chestnut flavor ice cream, there were posts showing white hamsters that represented the ordinary flavor of Yukimi Daifuku (vanilla milk ice cream). Since someone initiated this hamster-ice cream topic, the Yukimi-hamster tweets from hamster lovers never seem to stop.

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