Gyoza is the Japanese version of the Chinese Jiaozi, a kind of meat dumpling wrapped in a skin made of wheat. Maybe you know them as potstickers?

Making gyoza the normal way is really time consuming. You have to place the minced meat mixture in the middle, wet the edges of the round gyoza skin, fold it in half, and fold the edges carefully so it doesn’t fall apart… and repeat this for eternity (or at least until you finish making however many you want). It’s messy, and you get leftover ingredients.

Want to eat homemade gyoza, but don’t have the attention span? Here’s an easier way to make them.

Another user helpfully explains the non-wrap gyoza in depth.

With this recipe, you can easily make as many gyoza as you want without having leftover skins or meat. Use a pizza cutter to cut out portions.

Next time you want to make some Japanese food, try this easy recipe.


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