Everybody knows that sushi comes from Japan.

Whether you like the creative California-style sushi or the traditional kind, sushi lovers will agree that sushi-making is a unique art form. Sure, for the majority of restaurants, presentation and appearance is as important as taste, but this is especially true for the sacred Japanese sushi — traditionally, it takes ten years for an apprentice to learn how to make sushi.

All around the world, sushi has become a national icon for Japan.
So what could be more awesome than to celebrate the edible art form than to turn it into an actual piece of art?

Osaka, with its eternal love and passion for food and infamous knack for comedy, decided to turn one of its most popular tourist attractions into a gigantic floating sushi-go-round.

The floating plates of Sushi are part of an event in Osaka called Osaka Canvas Project.
This art project will take place during October 3~October 18. Artists have been selected to showcase their creativity using Osaka as their canvas. Other projects include a human street light, and underwater office workers.

They’re all pretty cool, but among these projects the floating sushi-go-round “Rolling Sushi” is 1st place by a long shot– it has over 1780 votes/FB likes, followed by 300 likes for the 2nd place project.

Here’s a video of the “Rolling Sushi” ‘s test run

This project’s sure to be a success — who knows when a floating sushi train will come to a river near you?

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