For women, having her first baby is one of the biggest events in her lifetime.
Mothers have to go through a lot of challenges that are completely new to them.
They may assume that when the time comes, their husbands will always be by their side to help out any way they can… but not always!
New fathers not being useful are a huge cause for squabbles between the new parents.

Below is some great advice to new moms about how to deal with husbands who don’t know how to help!
This Japanese Twitter user tweeted about what she heard.

@wlm_grassy My boss said to a worker who is about to go on maternity leave,
“After you give birth to your baby, think of your husband as a new, part-time student employee.
He can’t help you unless you tell him how.
Don’t expect him to “take a hint” and take the initiative.
But if you tell him what to do, he’ll work really hard – he wants to help.
Use your husband efficiently.”
(Well, the boss said it more gently, but) I thought it was on point.

Although wives may expect their husbands to help take care of their baby, they have no idea how to.
It’s important for mom and dad to talk about how to take care of their new baby, to avoid future quarrels.

Many Twitter users found this to be very good advice – the original tweet was retweeted over 27,000 times.

Apparently, the boss learned this the hard way from having raised three kids. 
He, of course, faced many difficulties and had a huge argument with his wife when raising their kids.
The discussion between them led to his conclusion that moms should always tell dads what she wants him to do.

Parents who have already gone through this initial phase of parenting might agree: communication is key. We hope expecting parents will learn something from this tweet, and avoid potential quarrels. 
Often, new fathers will feel upset because they cannot figure out why their partners are mad.

Whether or not you have kids right now, you may want to keep this advice in your mind… either for now, or for the future.

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