While getting ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the reconstruction of theatres and concert halls during this period will cause a shortage of venues. This is called “The 2016 Problem”. The data handed out at the press conference held to raise the issue of this “2016 Problem” caused quite a stir.

This data handed out at the “2016 problem” conference shows a list of all the theatres and concert halls that closed down or have renovation plans within the past and next decade.
It’s surprising to see how many venues have closed down.
Moreover, the bigger arenas “Shibuya Kokaido”, “Saitama Super Arena”, and “Yokohama Arena” are scheduled to go under reconstruction.
This will mean that about 60,000 seats will be gone in 2016.
The shortage of theatres and concert halls in the metropolitan areas will likely force artists to play in more provincial areas outside of Tokyo. What do you think about Japan’s “2016 Problem”?

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