Look at the following picture showing Aoyama Gakuin University students’ weekly schedule. Their student lives seem surprisingly easy with little restrictions and plenty time for leisure .

Looking at their weekly schedule, there are more events like “fitness”, “lunch at Omotesando”, “soccer with friends” than there are classes. Look at how Wednesday goes for the girl with short brown hair. She wakes up at 6:30 then drinks smoothie afterwards. At 7:00, she takes a walk before she finally goes to campus to reach the 9 AM class. After taking just 2 classes, she has luxury lunch at Omotesando then has pancake time at 2 PM. She ends the day with going to her friend’s house at 5 PM. Yeah, that’s how a beautiful life is.

Apart from people who envy these students’ lives, others have rather differing opinion. There were comments like, “I would go bankrupt living a life like this.” or “How long are they going to stay in school?”

What about you? How is your life as a student?

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