This robot vacuum cleaner isn’t your typical cute iRobot that runs around your flooring cleaning up your dust bunnies.

SHARP and the power tool company Makita collaborated to create this monster vacuum robot, RC200DZ RoboPro. Leave it to Japan to go overboard with their electronics.

This industrial Roomba combines SHARP’s autonomous driving and sensing technology with Makita’ battery system, developed for power tools.

Its capacity is 6 times larger than that of the average household Roomba. It can clean the equivalent of 2 and a half tennis courts on one charge.

Here are some responses from Japanese Twitter users.

This monster Roomba may make your house nice and clean, but it’ll also clean out your wallet. At a whopping 115,000 yen (about $900 USD), it might not be your first choice as a household robot vacuum cleaner, but perhaps it’ll look cool cleaning your office.

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