Many of our otaku readers will be familiar with Love Live!, the huge universe and fandom that revolves around a cute group of school idols.

Even if you aren’t a hardcore Love Liver, you’re probably vaguely familiar with the project.

In Love Live!, a group of high school girls form a pop idol group to make their school famous and save it from being closed down. After the group, “Muse,” save the school, they compete with other schools all over the country in the ultimate school idol competition.

It has an anime, manga, game, movie, and multiple books… it’s one of those rare fandoms that have such a huge following that people of all generations and countries are hooked on it.

Some people may know it for fun music game “School idol festival” (sukufes for short),
but the cute costumes and girls have made it especially popular with cosplayers and cosplay enthusiasts alike.

Here are some of the best Love Live cosplayers.

Love(Live) knows no boundaries!

This is a cosplayer from Germany.

And here’s a cosplayer from London cosplaying Minami Kotori.

By the way, a limited time store event is currently being held in Tokyo’s Shibuya Marui department store.

This “LoveLive! Happy Halloween! in SHIBUYA MARUI” fair started on Oct. 16 and will be held until the 1st of November.
Time’s running out! See this site for details.
Have some crepes while you’re in Shibuya, too.

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