Did you know that you can draw on Excel?
Not just make the cells different colors, but actually draw.

An artist that draws only using Excel is causing a stir among Japanese Twitter users.

Many people were surprised that Excel can be used like this.

You can use and combine AutoShapes in Excel to draw. If you want to draw more complicated things, you can also create freeform shapes and curves to create more intricate drawings.

This Excel master uses the program for other things, too.

This Twitter user, Yamatoji, isn’t the first one to create art using Excel.
The artist Tatsuo Horiuchi is a long-time Excel artist, and creates beautiful masterpieces using only Excel2003. 13 years ago, after he retired, he began experimenting with Excel and figured out how to use it as drawing software. Bizarre!

Drawing on Excel takes some skill, but most of all you need patience and attention to detail.
It’s an unusual way to draw, but you probably already have this program on your computer already.
Why not try it out?

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