Lum is a sexy alien character from a comic manga series called Urusei Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens). She believes that she is the wife of main character Ataru after he accidentally proposed to her. Her efforts to win his love always comically backfire her. She ends up hurting Ataru with her special thunder powers and disastrous cooking.

There is a bronze sculpture of Lum on the pedestrian deck near the North exit of Oizumi gakuen station. One day someone put a scarf around her neck, which got the Twitter community talking.

Maybe the person couldn’t walk past the freezing-looking statue girl, wearing nothing but a bikini.

Some people mentioned this reminds them of “Kasako jizo (Hats for jizo)” story. In this story, old poor couple gave hats to unsheltered jizo statues standing in deep snow. The next morning, the couple found rice cakes for new year on their door step, which turned out to be gifts from the jizo statues.

Almost all of the gifts that people came up with sound rather horrible, though. I wonder if she can give a gift that can make the person happy.

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