November 28th is Knee high day in Japan. Here’s why. The date, November 28th is numerically written  1128. The first two numbers (11) resemble double i (which reads ii, meaning “good” in Japanese). Two (2) is pronounced similar to an English word, knee. Although eight (8) is pronounced hachi (spelled as ha-chi in Hiragana) in Japanese, only the first letter (ha) is taken. The total combination then establishes the phrase ii-knee-hai which translates to Good Knee High. On the 28th of November, Twitter users shared pictures of girls wearing knee-high socks with the hashtag #いいニーハイの日, ii-ni-hai-no-hi, which means “Good Knee High Day”.

Here’s a sample of some of the best tweets shared on the 28th of November last year.

Some Guradoru (abbreviation of Gurafikku Aidoru, Graphic Idol), a word that explains female models who frequently appear in male magazines wearing sexy undies and swimsuit also participated in the hashtag.

These girls are not Guradoru, but they’re great looking chick too.

There’s always a room for jokes. And because it’s Japan, we joke with anime characters.

For more pictures of cute girls and their knee highs, you can click this hashtag #いいニーハイの日.

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