You’re back in high school, in the hallway heading for your next class. You dodge acrobatically to avoid stepping on that jock group that always blocks the hall… and you see that girl from Algebra walking towards you. (She’s actually the only reason you even go to that class anymore.) She passes by you, and you catch a whiff of her… what is it? Subtle perfume? Flowers? Conditioner? You can’t quite put your finger on it, but she smells really good.

You’re probably going to experience this a few more times in your life. But why do cute girls smell so good, anyway? It’s every bachelor’s eternal mystery…
But now, @tarareba722 is going to ruin that mystery for you.

So many teenage boys’ dreams shattered all too easily, in under 140 characters.

One Twitter user commented that cute girls smell good because they make a conscious effort, but…

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