This cookie-making tutorial recently freaked Japanese girls out. They loved it. If you can make these cookies, you’ll be super popular.

That video tells you how to make gumball dispenser-shaped cookies! Let’s take a look at how it actually looks.

Then look at how people love gumball dispensers. Our friend across the world did a cosplay out of it for their Halloween. They were gorgeous, weren’t they?

Now let’s get back to our cookies. Girls are all loving how awesome these cookies are and wondering how to make them.

Some people are trying to figure out how to cook them, but they seem imprecise and inaccurate.

Here we tell you the recipe.

  1. make a cookie dough with sugar, butter, weak flour, and eggs.
  2. separate it into 8:2 ratio and add red food coloring to the smaller amount.
  3. cut out the forms.
  4. form.
  5. bake (for around 120℃ not to burn).
  6. make candy by boiling sugar and water (stir well on a low heat not to burn).
  7. pour the candy into two thirds of the baked cookies (hear again when the sugar starts to solidify).
  8. let cookies cool down, take them from the cooking sheets, and, using a chocolate pen, connect all the cookies. Put the ones with the candy, then the plain ones, some cute stuff, and finally cover up with the ones with the candy.
  9. decorate and done!!

Check out the youtube below for more detailed instruction on how to make gumball machine cookies.

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