Shiba dogs are the smallest of the wa-ken Japanese dog breeds,
and perhaps the most well known.

And for good reason too, because they’re chubby little fluffballs when they’re puppies, and mischievous, energetic, and fun when they’re older.

Their adorable popularity has spread around the world–
and not just among dog lovers.
Shiba dogs gained worldwide viral popularity in 2013 in the form of the “doge meme”, which was the most popular meme of that year.

We introduced Shiba dogs being stubborn and…melting in previous articles.

Of course, since the foxy-looking dog breed is so popular,
there are many of them even in the US.

Here are some of these dogs around the world having a nap after a long, fun day.

Whew! That’s a lot of overseas Shibas.
Let’s come back to Japan and watch an adorable Shiba fall asleep.


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